File Printer for SharePoint

FilePrinter for SharePoint is a productdesigned to enable the printing out of any
SharePoint Document Library document format with a one-click control!
And there’s more: with FilePrinter for SharePoint it is also possible to define
a protocol (a label containing dynamic information) to be applied to the selected
document during the printing phase.

Easy and fast

Thanks to a quick, intuitive interface, it will be possible to connect to a Sharepoint
server and view all the documents contained in a given list.

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The information contained in each document (document name and all
other information associated with the document) will be placed inside a grid
and it will be possible to carry out a few, simple operations to filter out only the
documents that the user wishes to print.
An external application is available to view the SharePoint document libraries
and speed up document searching by filtering the required, information.

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The main features of File Printer for SharePoint

SharePoint integration

Available for all SharePoint versions, included the version 2007 and 2010.

Print with only click

You can print a document library with hundreds of documents with only click!


Available in English version and italian version.


Watch the tutorial to discover the use of the product

Informazioni aggiuntive

Technical information

• File printing is allowed as long as the file client is installed on the PC. Full compatibility between
the client program and “FilePrinter for SharePoint” application is ot guaranteed. Any printing
problems are attributable to less-thanfull compatibility between the client program and the
control line printing standard controls.
• To print out .xps and office 2007 type files, Framework.Net 3.0 should be installed Protocols
can only be applied to PDF files with the Acrobat Reader client correctly configured in the

Trial version restrictions

The Trial version can be used without any time limit. The imposed restrictions are:

• Possibility of only printing PDF files with correctly configured Acrobat Reader Client
• Added “Trial Version” writing diagonally across the whole page in each printed page.

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